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The Best Top Gear episodes of all time

Best top gear episode season.

The best Top Gear Episodes of all time.

The best top gear episodes is one of the few car-themed TV shows recognized outside of the car industry. But it doesn’t focus only on car and oil bits that make them move.

It brings them together to see where the culture around them and their designers and their drivers are headed from. And yes, sometimes hosts modify, race, and destroy something they drive.

From the Jeremy Clarkson Days to the Amazon-led reboot here’s an overview of some of the best top gear episodes stories so far. We will not reveal everything. No spoilers here however all the greatest episodes below are.

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Best top gear episode season list in 2022.

Best Top Gear episodes
Best Top Gear episodes

Peel P50 Bugatti Veyron vs. Eurofighter:

It’s not rare to see some crazy things on Top Gear. They have destroyed a caravan, burned a Bentley with a jet engine, crashed Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 into a tree, and even drove the biggest caravan ever made.

And just when they surpassed themselves Jeremy Clarkson managed to park his Bugatti Veyron in a small tandem parking space – between two Volkswagens.

Or so he thought. But the Supercar doesn’t fit. And it’s so wrong on so many levels that hilarious consequences are inevitable…

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Robin shuttle challenge (season 9 episode 4):

The Hottest new Top Gear star Chris Evans joins the team this season. And recruiting him was not easy. He actually tried to get on the show twice before. But both times he failed.

And it seems like only driving skills will make him an official Top Gear member – like driving a Robin Reliant (a car that you could buy for almost nothing in the 1980s) around the course in just 35 minutes.

Africa special (season 19 episode 7):

The Africa Special is more than anything else an experiment (and one of the greatest experiments in Top Gear history).

James May, Richard Hammond, and Jeremy Clarkson show us why they are so great together. First, they drive a Toyota Hilux pickup truck with all their camping gear through the bushland of Namibia.

Then they explore jungles on a Suzuki Jimny pickup truck with an open roof. And finally, they find themselves on overpriced safari overpriced Jeep Wrangler Rubicon SUV’s with dog-like interiors and tons of steel everywhere.

Polar Race special (season 9 episode 8):

This is one of the most iconic Top Gear moments so far. Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond – two ex-Top Gear members at the time – decided to race a pair of Toyota Prius with a Land Rover Defender 110 on the frozen lake of Sweden.

The result was an epic rally where even the ice started sliding downhill and all four vehicles ended up almost completely submerged underwater.

Trying to kill the Toyota Hilux (season 3, episodes 5 and 6):

After getting bored with the BMW 3-Series, Jeremy Clarkson tries to kill it by doing everything possible.

He drives it hill climbing, drag racing, drifting, doing burnouts with the big smoke show, crushing it with an aircraft carrier landing platform.

And so on. The main takeaway here is that the car is utterly destroyed in the end with the remains of 3-Series being sold as scrap metal for £250.

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti race to Verbier (season 5 episode 3):

The race around the tight and twisty road of the Swiss Alps between James May and Richard Hammond in Ferrari 612 Scaglietti and Jeremy Clarkson in Lamborghini Murcielago SCG is one of the best Top Gear episodes ever.

It’s about more than just driving. It’s about your approach to driving and what kind of car you want to be behind the wheel.

Like going to Japan: Japanese cars are often overlooked by British motoring enthusiasts. But Top Gear thinks differently.

The Apache tries to evade Demand (season 4, episode 1):

Top Gear tries to cause the most damage possible to a Renault Exige – in a way that they can’t survive in it.

They try everything: hitting it with the aircraft carrier landing platform and crushing it in a giant snowball, ramming into it with the fire-engine-like vehicle, and then they try to run over it…. but they fail.

S. special: $1,000 American car trip (season 9, episode 3):

Just when Jeremy Clarkson is testing the cheapest Hyundai Accent, the whole episode takes a drastic turn when he decides to add two more roadworthy cars to the mix. And this time his choice goes to Chevrolet Epica and Toyota Camry with a budget of $1,000 each.

From there it’s not only a matter of choosing the best one in terms of price and features but also a matter of not getting in trouble with police for speeding in a rental car that they have no permission to drive on public roads.

Homemade Stretch Limos (season 9, episode 6):

Jeremy Clarkson builds his own stretch limo for the Top Gear Challenge. And in the end, despite the fact that he has never even driven a car before, he manages to finish third in the race of best homemade stretch limos.

His Lamborghini Countach eventually finished on top of a hill with a sign on it that says “Jeremy Clarkson”.

Jag XJ220 (season 13 episode 8):

Just like you had thought – Top Gear’s rules say that you can’t drive cars faster than 270 mph. But they made an exception.

Jeremy Clarkson and James May were sent to Italy with £100,000 to buy a Jaguar XJ220 and then were told to drive it as fast as they can on the track. And the result was most likely one of most fastest cars Top Gear has ever driven.

Mustang vs. M4 (season 13 episode 3):

James May drives a Shelby Mustang GT500 against an Alfa Romeo Mito Quadrifoglio Verde. The result? Well, it’s a tie. So they have to have a rematch. This time with the M4 vs. Mustang I.

The Avtoros Shaman (season 24, episode 7):

The Avtoros Shaman is the only car on the list that has no chance of ever coming to production. And that’s all because of Top Gear.

Audi RS6 vs Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG (season 23, episode 6):

When it comes to choosing between an Audi RS6 Avant and Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG, Jeremy Clarkson thinks that there is no contest.

Because they are not even in the same league. So who decides which car is better? The Top Gear staff or the more rational Jeremy Clarkson?

The Rory Reid Memorial Special (season 25, episode 6):

This was an episode that had to be made. Because Top Gear had just lost one of their most beloved friends in Rory Reid.

This episode is about his funeral and what happens when Jeremy Clarkson gets drunk with James May, Richard Hammond, and executive producer Andy Wilman in his bar. They remember all the reasons why Rory was so special on best top gear episodes.

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Conclusion About The best Top Gear episodes.

Overall, this article takes a look at the best top gear episodes in a different way. We all know what to expect from a typical Top Gear season: a series of reviews, introductions to new cars, challenges, and races.

But there’s something much more to it. There’s an experience that you can only get from watching this show.

It’s not just about the content that is already on our screens, but also everything that happens behind the cameras. And sometimes this is even better than the final cut of an episode itself. Thank You. Keep reading our other blog.

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