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How To Clean Suede Shoes In 10 Easy Steps

If you put your eyes on suede boots, a common question that comes to mind is how to clean suede shoes?

Suede shoes are a staple of the fall and winter wardrobe, but maintaining them is often forgotten. However, this can lead to a musty odor that can’t be removed with regular shoe polish, or even soap and water. Luckily, here are some proven methods for cleaning your suede shoes!

-Wet the suede thoroughly with water.

-Dust the area with talcum powder to avoid spots on the suede when it dries.

-Use an old toothbrush to scrub stubborn spots on your shoes.

-Use a suede brush to brush and clean the suede of your shoe.

-After cleaning and brushing, let the shoes dry completely before walking.

-To reduce odors, leave your shoes in the sun for an hour or two to absorb the smell.

-If you have a large amount of odor on your shoes, pour baking soda onto them and let them sit for five minutes before vacuuming up.



To remove spots from suede shoes, use rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is great for removing grease and blood stains from suede and suede cloth shoes.

  1. Put a small amount of alcohol onto a clean cloth.
  2. Apply alcohol to the spot with your finger and rub in a circular motion or just rub the spot until it is gone (avoid touching the leather).
  3. Let the alcohol sit on the suede for a few seconds, then dab or wipe it with a cloth.
  4. Repeat if necessary.
  5. Continue until the spot is gone and then rinse with water.
  6. Let the leather dry and repeat step 5 if you see any residue from rubbing alcohol, and let the leather dry completely before walking on it again.


This article will tell you 10 easy steps of how to clean suede boots?


What materials are required:


  1. A microfiber cleaning cloth
  2. Suede brush. More specifically a suede hairbrush or a toothbrush with nylon bristles (the nylon bristle suede brushes have a much shorter lifespan).
  3. Soft lint-free cloths or rags tied together for shoe drying.
  4. Rubbing alcohol. You can get it in any drug store or even the supermarket, or you can use isopropyl alcohol which has the same effect of cleaning but is more commonly found in your local pharmacy.

Cleaning Suede Shoes
Cleaning Suede Shoes


How To Clean Suede Shoes: Follow 10 easy steps


  1. Scrub the suede with a small suede brush to extract any dirt and grime that might be stuck on it. Note: Babies’ brushes are great for removing baby fat, but they are not really built for cleaning suede shoes.


  1. Pour rubbing alcohol onto a soft lint-free cloth and scrub the suede with the cloth until clean.


  1. Keep the suede wet to prevent any rubbing alcohol from evaporating until you have completely cleaned it.


  1. Rinse your new shoes well with water by pouring them on the shoes and repeating until the water is clear of excess soapy residue.


  1. Dry the shoes with a soft cloth, especially if you want to preserve the suede.


  1. After drying, brush the shoes one last time with your suede brush.


  1. Allow your shoes to dry completely before putting them on again or walking in them.


  1. For stubborn stains, you can use rubbing alcohol to remove these and let your shoes dry again before using them again.


  1. Leave your shoes in the sun for an hour or 2 to dry them completely, then air dry if you see any remnants of rubbing alcohol.


  1. Apply a small amount of suede cleaner on a soft cloth and clean the shoes again to remove any residue left by rubbing alcohol.

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There are some common questions that have been asked frequently.

Are suede shoes fashionable?


Yes. If you wear them right, they can be very fashionable and classically stylish.


Are suede shoes comfortable?


Yes, but they are not as comfortable as leather shoes. You need to buy the right kind of shoe for your foot and make sure it is properly fitted.

Any shoe that feels uncomfortable when I walk or stand around is not a good one to buy. If a shoe has a high heel, then it will not be comfortable to walk in and may lead to pain after a period of time.

Can you wear suede in winter?


Yes, but you need to be careful with them.

Suede shoes are not as warm as leather shoes in the winter. Suede is more resilient than leather but it can get slippery when wet and make you feel cold. So, I suggest that you wear a thin pair of socks with suede shoes for extra insulation in the winter and for extra comfort when walking in them.


Can suede be cleaned with soap and water?


Yes, but it is difficult to remove. The longer you leave it wet, the more stubborn the stain is.


Is suede leather waterproof?


Suede is resistant to water but it is not entirely waterproof. The more you wear your suede shoes, the less waterproof they become but that does not mean that you should avoid getting them wet.


Are there color options for suede shoes?


You can get almost any color for suede shoes. For men, it is best to stick with black or brown since those colors are more common for men’s shoes.


How can I clean suede shoes?


How to clean suede shoes follow the steps below:

  1. Wipe off all dirt and debris from your shoes with a damp cloth.
  2. Brush your shoes with a suede brush in order to loosen any stains or light layers of dirt that might be stuck on them.
  3. For stubborn spots, you can use an old toothbrush to scrub those spots with soap and water until they are removed completely. Make sure you cover your spot with soap in order to soften it so that it cleans more easily and effectively.


If your suede is in poor condition, then you can use the suede cleaner to restore it.


How do I clean suede shoes?


  1. Wash the suede shoes with a damp cloth, wiping them off thoroughly to remove any dirt and grime.
  2. Wipe the suede shoes with rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining dirt or stains.
  3. Wipe the shoes dry with a small cloth or a clean suede eraser to remove any residue left behind by the rubbing alcohol.
  4. Allow your shoes to dry overnight and brush them with a suede brush when you are ready to wear them again.


Final words:

Suede shoes are made for wearing but the maintenance for their care may be a little difficult. But when you do the 10 easy steps, it is not hard to keep them clean and beautiful. I hope you get a very simple answer as well as a way of how to clean suede shoes.

Note: Remember that when cleaning suede boots, you may want to wear a thin pair of socks with them in order to protect and insulate your feet from the cold. Also, suede hairbrushes are not designed for cleaning and maintaining suede- please use a small suede brush at least once every two weeks.

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